Monday, September 23, 2019

TaVaci Costumes!

444 N. 300 W. (right around the corner from TaVaci Studio)
435-730-0974 (Marci prefers texts and she will get right back with you!)
Marci Lemke, my fabulously organized and amazing costumer, is ready to do try-ons and order costumes for the year. So...EVERYONE listen and obey😁.

ALL GIRLS will be getting new costumes this year! Unfortunately, the Pre-2nd grade (Wednesday classes) little girl's dresses will not be reused, but put them in your dress up chest... they will bring joy for many years to come!😉 Pre-2nd grade girl's (Wednesday classes) will be wearing Red shirts (purchased from TaVaci), black leggings, socks and shoes that you get on your own.
The boys costumes will all remain the same: Black shirt and red tie (purchased from TaVaci), black pants, belt, socks, and shoes that you get on your own.
Now, for those of you that bought new gold shirts for the older girls last year, don't fret! We gotcha covered! Let me explain! Our designers who created the shirt for our Tuesday and Thursday girl's classes last year did NOT create the shirt of our dreams!😅 We submitted a design, and the designed shirt did NOT turn out how we envisioned. 😢 So, we have now received the newly designed shirts and we love them! So.....if you purchased a gold shirt last year we need you to return those to us as soon as possible, with your child's name and a phone # on it. You can send them to class with your daughter or drop them off to Marci Lemke at 444 N 300 W. We will be selling them and sending you a check. Tuesday and Thursday girls will be wearing new gold shirts (purchased from TaVaci), black leggings, socks and shoes.
If your boy child has outgrown their TaVaci shirt and tie you will need to contact Marci to sell your shirt and tie and be measured for your new one. Return costumes that don't fit. Send them with your child to class with name and phone # on it, or to Marci when you go in for your try-on appointment. ALL GIRLS will need to contact Marci Lemke as well to schedule a try-on for the new costumes.
ALL NEW STUDENTS: Contact Marci Lemke for a try-on and to order costumes (unless you did so at our new student orientation).
Prices: You will need to pay for your costume when ordering, so please plan accordingly. Paypal, Venmo, Cash, or check.
Girl's Wednesday classes shirt: $38
Girl's Tuesday and Thursday classes shirt: $38
Boys shirt: $24
Boys tie: $12.50

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